Brazilian Taste Show -2017

The Pink Kitchen had the honour to participate and show our delicious brazilian truffles at the Brazilian Taste Show 2017 in London. It was a busy and a wonderful weekend at the show with Brazilian food workshops by brazilian chef's from all over Brazil and in addition some great exposers and brazillian products. Our stand was typically pink all over with our brazilian truffles being well appreciated. Brigaderios is a traditional chocolate truffle in Brazil made from condensed milk and pure chocolate, shaped in a small ball and covered with milk chocolate vermicelli. Beijinho (Small Kisses) has the same process but instead of pure chocolate it has coconut in the recipe covered with dry coconut flakes. Cajuzinho (small cashews) another specialty of ours contains peanut butter, covered with toasted mixed nuts. The recipes from The Pink Kitchen have a little twist for our British clients palate and has just the right quantity of sugar ! We had fantastic feedback for our Brazilian truffles with some beautiful complimentary comments, "was the best I have ever tasted" was one we loved, coming from true brazillian's it means a lot. Thank you everyone for the support and a special thank you for Chef Flavio Amaral who made the show happen. Pictures by Fernando B. Arroteia