Chocolate Ganache

chocolate ganache cupcake

I love working with chocolate ganache, its is perfect and delicious for any occasion. If you are not a big fan of buttercream here is an easy chocolate ganache recipe for your cakes, cupcakes and tarts. The secret to get a perfect silky consistency of this chocolate ganache is to first of all, use high quality chocolate and secondly, be patient and enjoy it.

Attention.. Allow the ganache to sit at room temperature overnight.

Chocolate Ganache




* 30g HONEY

1.Place the chopped chocolate, diced butter and honey in a medium bowl and set aside.

2.In a saucepan, bring the double cream to boil at a medium-high heat.

3.Pour the hot cream over the chocolate, butter and honey. Immediately stir with a whisk until smooth and shiny. The chocolate will often settle, so make sure to mix it well.

4.Cover the bowl with cling film.

5.Allow the ganache to sit at room temperature at least 8 hours but preferably overnight.

6.This gives you a gorgeous and shiny chocolate ganache that is perfect for piping cupcakes, filling tarts or layered cakes.


Hope you all enjoy it. The Pink kitchen xx

Hope you all enjoy it.

The Pink kitchen xx

The Pink Kitchen Afternoon Tea

Our first Afternoon Tea was so sweet and very Pink ! It was held in an amazing historical place called Trinity Green where The Pink Kitchen London studio is located. 

Everything was beautifully presented, wonderfully fresh and delicious. The girls were treated to fresh cheese sandwiches, vegetarian canapés, mini Victoria sponge cakes, vegan chocolate truffles, coconut and chocolate cups, cheesecakes and floral cupcakes. 

Brazilian Taste Show -2017

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